Friday, April 26, 2013

Watching the world

What week is this? How long have I been here? Time marches on...

I haven't been getting out as much or doing as many tourist based things. Did I say that last week? I have been busy living and doing pretty well. The focus has turned to art and because of this, I completed another painting in my new series.

One last time
Mixed media on paper
2013 Megan Chapman

Besides painting this week, I walked a lot and attended my two yoga classes. I also started reading a good book. With all the walking and yoga it seemed like a self help book was in order. I really like this one as it is not fluffy or guru like or too whatever self help books can sometimes be. This one is straight forward and focused on the brain and self observation. If you are in the market I highly recommend it. 

Remember before I left I was thinking about some basic questions that one might want to ask themselves in order to lay the foundation for an artist to create or for anyone to live a little better or more happily? Well I think I answered the questions I proposed like once at the time and flitted on to something else (probably getting ready for this trip). Well, now I am happily able to answer yes to most of the questions regularly which makes me feel so much better about myself and the world and helps me get to the place I need to be to make art.

Here is a refresher: 

Did you move your body today? 
Walk, Yoga, Dance etc. 
Did you express yourself through art today? 
Not a big project, just something creative.
Did you drink water and take vitamins today? 
Basic self care is so easy to forget
Did you reach out to friends or family today? 
Make plans to connect outside yourself.
Did you explore someone else's art today? 
Keep learning and exploring as not to grow stagnant
Did you do something for your own art career today?
Update your website, write a blog, return an email etc.

Anyway, I just want to leave you with a random thought:

I like taking the bus to and from one of the yoga classes I am signed up for. I don't listen to music or read a book or anything. I just sit and look out the window, breathe and watch my thoughts go by. I look out at the people walking, I look at the statues and ornate buildings. I look at the castle and the church yard. I look at the people getting on and off the bus. I just sit and observe and usually I feel myself fill with gratitude. I am far from home and I am alone on a bus. I am on my way to or from a yoga class full of strangers at a place I have never been until recently. I don't know the names of the streets as they pass. I am not scared, I am not agitated, I am not concerned. I am just sitting on the bus watching this beautiful world pass and being part of it at the same time. This is my greatest accomplishment. 

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