Friday, September 27, 2013


Kilchurn Castle
Hello Dear Readers!

This makes my third Friday in Atlanta... So we are already heading into my third week of being here! Time flies! Most of the past two weeks has been spent getting over jet lag which I finally seem to be over and letting my aching and injured shoulder relax and heal and that has now happily happened. I think I am mostly ready to rejoin the world. I am enjoying spending time with my brother and my nieces and I have enjoyed eating in different restaurants and walking in some parks and neighborhoods. Admittedly I haven't gone out much or explored much here yet. I stay in mostly during the week and research, plan, tidy and cook. This is like an incubation time. I know that something is brewing and I am using this time to rebuild and refuel for the next big thing.

There is always something around the corner, something waiting to be discovered and something to dream about and move towards. I must always believe this.

I have been thinking a lot about my Etsy shop, Artmaven and I am determined to make it bigger and better, offering more affordable prints and making my shop more of a priority. I have always had my shop running in the background, maintaining it in a more organic fashion while I focused more on exhibitions and gallery showings. I think it is now time to push the shop to equal standing. I will be working towards this in the coming months.

My ultimate goal is to be better able to support myself from my art and feel less worried about money. The past few years have been very challenging for me financially in this economy. I feel I have risen to the challenge in many ways and I am pleased that my art continues to sell here and there. I have also just returned from an amazing and life changing six months of creating art and being supported in Scotland thanks to my patrons and the funding of my project. I know I am one of the lucky ones, however it is still not enough to comfortably support myself and my plans for the future. I have two choices, I can keep worrying or I can take action. I must keep my eyes on the prize. As many of you might have guessed, I would really like to be able to live in Edinburgh, Scotland in the near future. I would like this to be more than a dream, a happy thought or a flimsy goal.

It actually scares me just to state my desire so plainly but in order to make it happen that is what I must do. Scotland felt like home to me and I felt at home in myself in Scotland. It is not just about my relationship with Stewart, it is also about my relationship with myself and what I want for my life and art and what is important to me. Scotland ticks a lot of those boxes.

I am turning this now almost seven year old blog back towards what the header says : "Ideas about making, marketing, selling and talking about art." I hope you will continue to follow along and join the journey.

With love and gratitude for all I have been given and with excitement for the future,


If you are in Little Rock, Arkansas you can see my work at the following places.

Butler Center for Arkansas Studies
401 President Clinton Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201

This exhibition offers viewers an opportunity to see contemporary, abstract works of art by Arkansas based artists. Artists in the exhibition are: Dustyn Bork, Megan Chapman, Donnie Copeland, Don Lee, Jill Storthz and Steven Wise.

Butler Center Atrium Gallery
September 13 - November 23, 2013

Click here to see the six pieces I have in the group exhibition at the Butler Center

Boswell Mourot Fine Art
5815 Kavanaugh Blvd.
Little Rock, AR 72207

Boswell Mourot is a fine art gallery featuring well-known and emerging artists from the international, national and local art scene. The gallery has a selection of my works as well as the combined works of myself and Stewart Bremner.

Click here to see the selection of my works at Boswell-Mourot. 

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