Friday, September 6, 2013

Round up: This life well lived...

Dear Readers!

A quick catch up place marker blog. I am writing this on September 18th but back dating it for my records. Thanks for sticking with me during this hectic time. I know last week my Friday blog showed up on a Monday. So in this post I will catch you up with everything that happened between Monday the 2nd (after I wrote my last post) and Friday the 6th and then get back on track soon I hope.
Stewart looking at my two works at the Arts Complex group exhibition
On Monday the 2nd I ran over (well, I took a bus) to the Arts Complex to pick up my two works from the fabulous group exhibition. It was another marker of something ending and I walked out of the building for the last time for the next long while. The Arts Complex is an amazing space. An ugly building hosting a small city of artists within a larger one. I am so pleased I was able to get to know some of the people there and to participate in the exhibition. I will always look back with fondness. I was happy to get the paintings back, the two I showed there are two of my favorites from the series.

A snap shot of one panel from the tapestry
On Tuesday the 3rd we went to a protest in front of the parliament building which was convenient because I like to mix my activism with art and after the protest we went inside to see the great tapestry of Scotland. 

The great tapestry was mind blowing. My eyes teared up several times just marveling at the project but also at the content. Scotland's people should be so proud. Later we sat outside parliament in the perfect weather and then walked through the park to Stewart's Mom's place for dinner. It was another lovely day.

On Wednesday the 4th there was some last minute art making. I have been commissioned to do a small paper piece (the same size as my patron rewards pieces) for someone's birthday. It was interesting to paint in the same style as my family work but for another. I also worked on one last and very late patron reward painting that got lost in the shuffle. It is not ideal conditions to make art when I feel so scattered but it is calming as well. Art is the constant in my life and has been now for 17 years but really so much longer than that. In the evening, our friends and creative wonders, Ever and Paul came to dinner. It was a joy to cook for them and to have them over to Stewart's flat. 

the sunset, a reward at the end of our 16 mile walk
On Thursday the 5th we took the best 16 mile walk ever. We walked along fields and beaches from Longniddry to North Berwick, Scotland. I took a lot of pictures of this gorgeous day, all inspiration for the work I hope to make in the fall for my Etsy shop. I loved the colors in this walk and the feeling. I am so glad we did this walk as I needed to clear my head- that part didn't exactly work but it was still so beautiful and it was so great to spend such quality time with Stewart in nature. Breathtaking. After my work has been so family based I am flirting with a nature based series and this walk really did provide so much material and inspiration

On Friday (today) we went to my favorite pub The Tourmalet, my home away from home, to meet up with two of my favorite blippers (photographers from blipfoto) Andy and Steven and Stewart's friend Philip came as well (he is now a blipper too). It was great to chat and laugh even though in the end I knew I would have to say goodbye. Andy is like my Scottish big brother and just a great guy. I am so glad I have become friends with such great people. I do love the internet for all the connections and amazing adventures! 

I know this blog has become a bit more like a journal while I have been away and less about what the tag line says under my name up there but just know it will veer back on that path soon enough. 

Thanks for following along and coming on this adventure with me. All of this will influence my future art. The colors of the sea, the rocks, the lichen, the timbre of a voice, the space that surrounds me, it all goes into the work and makes for a good life. 

at the start of our long lovely walk

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