Saturday, November 30, 2013

The hills are alive with the sound of makers...


Thanks for joining me again this week. I was really moved by some of the personal responses I got from last week's blog. I appreciate those who took the time to write to me off site and told me of their stories, old and new. I wish you all luck in your future dreams and goals. I have faith in you, now onwards!

Back to the matters at hand, as we all know the festive season is upon us. I can practically hear the sounds of all the makers around the world furiously at work getting prepared for their lovely art and crafts to end up on your holiday shopping lists! I am no exception. I have been hard at work creating new paintings and ordering more archival prints in order to get my Etsy shop stocked.

I enjoy this time of year. I think of myself as connected to all the other makers as we put our heads down and create some special and unique items for you and yours. I'll say it plainly, your support of the arts is what keeps the arts vital and strong in your communities. Makers live a precarious balance most of the time and we have accepted this feast or famine lifestyle. The holiday months are a way for us to catch up for the slow times and get our books back in the black. The dollars you spend when you support makers and small independent businesses mostly stay within your community and have a huge impact on the lives of those doing the making. Sometimes just one small sale can pay a utility bill, buy supplies, food and shelter. When a maker has those things then they can keep making. It is that simple. If you love living in communities that celebrate and support the arts then you have to vote with your dollars and support those that make your community a vibrant and exciting one.

I am not just asking you to buy my work, I am asking you to buy hers, his and theirs too. Visit Etsy, visit the local craft fairs, makers markets, holiday bazaars and independent shops and galleries. Shop local, shop regional, shop nationally and shop the independent makers from all over the world but know that you are buying something created by someone with a name, a face, a dream. You are buying from someone who dances every time they make a sale. Be that person's hero so that they will keep on the path, live the life of their dreams and continue to shine their own special brand of light and vision onto the world and into your community.

Let's all have a joyous season of handmade.



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