Saturday, December 7, 2013

Say it with art...

orders ready to ship


Thanks for joining me again. I can't believe it is already the first Friday of December! I have been very busy making new works and keeping up with my Etsy shop, facebook, twitter and email promotions and getting new orders filled and out the door. The sales have been so lovely and much needed. Thanks to those of you who have purchased something of mine recently. It has been such a boost to me mentally as well as financially. I love hearing from people during and after the transaction as well. Making art is a lonely job but sharing it with you all makes it just wonderful.

Besides making new pieces, selling them and just getting things organized around the house and getting back to my "normal" life in Fayetteville, I am very excited that Stewart Bremner will be coming to visit me soon for three weeks! He arrives next Friday! We have been a part for 3 months so this will be quite wonderful. You never know we might make some art, have a little meet and greet reception at the house or just hide away. It will be our first Christmas in the same place together. It is all very exciting. I wasn't really expecting that he would be able to visit so soon, so I really am thrilled.

The ground is all white and covered with snow and everything is feeling very wintery. I am so glad I got all those orders posted when I did. Rest assured there is still plenty of time to get your holiday orders in so that I can get them shipped in time for you. Please don't delay and give the gift that not only helps me survive and continue on this path but also shows your very special one exactly how special they are. This year, say it with art.

Until next time, play some holiday songs, make some potato soup, drink too much tea and smile, knowing you are alive.



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