Friday, July 11, 2014

It's all the rage...

Another place and time, Another palette

There are two things that have sat me down to write this blog today on the actual day that my blog is supposed to hit the virtual news stand. The first, is the new Interpol song on repeat (more on that later) and the promise to myself that I get an iced-chai soy latte once I have written this post.

In other news, I have a heart monitor on my chest for the next 48hrs. It should be a metaphor for something. No worries, instead it's just a test.

So back to Interpol. If you have been a long time reader of this blog you will know that the band was a muse, a talisman, a curvy path to a type of renewed youth as well as marking the beginning of the end to my past life. They inspired a hope, a fever, a desire, a sense of place and many paintings and a star struck love that saw me through the dark times. I owe whole series of paintings to the band.

In September they will be releasing a new album entitled, "El Pintor,"an anagram! As always Interpol fits like an old shoe. Like many fans will say, the first two albums are the best and I go along for the ride and mine for gems on the last two. The third album afforded me the luxury of seeing them three times and while they were supporting their last album, I saw them once. Perhaps the next time I see them will be in Scotland in support of their fifth. They are artists; they evolve and change and I watch and appreciate as a fan does.

Why am I going on about this band yet again in my blog and not talking about painting and art?

1. All my energy is going towards surviving right now and my head space hasn't really been in the zone for art making. Maslow's hierarchy of needs stuff.

2. I am hoping the band is still my good luck charm.

Do I get my latte yet?

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