Friday, February 23, 2018

Finishing touches

This week in the studio has mostly been about finishing off the work (same as last week). You'll be happy to know that I found the varnish I needed locally at the Edinburgh Art Shop. I went with a satin finish this time as gloss seemed too much when I am pleased with the matte finish of the work.

Monday, I spent time in the studio painting the sides of the pieces with a fresh coat of white (it takes many coats depending on how messy the sides are from the process). I also started a new 80x80cm painting on Monday. I added a bit of orange oxide to the palette. Here is a detail.


I look forward to getting back into the painting soon. However, painting must wait until the current works are finished off and delivered to The Velvet Easel and The &Gallery. The paintings are signed, dated and titled on the back and they have been varnished with the expert help of Stewart. I was feeling a bit under the weather on Tuesday when I recorded my short video visit, if you missed it you can see it here.

On Wednesday I had a lovely meeting with Union Gallery. It was good to check in with them and have a chat. It's such a beautiful space. Their website is now up to date with my currently available works. I am honoured to be represented by three brilliant women-owned galleries in Portobello, New Town and the West End of Edinburgh. After a little over three years of trying to figure out the art scene here in Scotland, it finally feels like I am getting somewhere. Next stop, Glasgow and beyond!

After the meeting on Wednesday it was back to the studio for more coats of white paint on the sides and Thursday the hanging wires were added again with Stewart's expert help. I will be putting one more coat on the sides later today and then deliver the works this weekend.

So, that was this week in the studio. It feels good to be getting things ready to go out, to have work in these three galleries, as well as work back home in the Fenix Collective. I took a break from brick and mortar galleries for a while due to the economy caused closures and simply because I moved countries. It is so good to be getting back to what feels "normal" to me. Thank you for being here for the exciting moments as well as the necessary ones.

Until next week, keep fighting. The world needs you.

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