Friday, June 15, 2018

An exchange of space and energy

Open studios went very well. It was a lovely event that reminded me of everything I love about being an artist and being part of a community. Besides painting, it's the conversations and communication that I really enjoy. It is always a thrill to witness folks take the time to breathe and let go as they view the work. A wonderful exchange of space, energy, art, and thought happens in these moments. I can sense it when it happens and it fills me with joy. I feel seen and understood, this is a rare gift. I am not being the cool or aloof artist, I am open to questions and the sharing of my process with fellow artists, patrons, and the non-buyer alike.

Here's my Tuesday Studio Video Visit, in my rather tidy studio, chatting about open studios and what comes next.

I was delighted that there were several sales during the day. Two pieces from my new series sold as well as several other earlier paper series pieces. Thank you again to everyone who came out and enjoyed my studio, spoke with me, and supported my work.

To continue on in the open studio spirit, I have created a site for my small works on canvas from my recent "Echoes and Memory" series. These small works range in price from £175-250 and will be available for the next 12

As the small works site went live this morning, I was delighted with a sale right from the start. I am grateful for this support and appreciation of my work.

Until next week, sing your song, make your mark, and know that there are a few people out there that do speak your language. Find those people and celebrate. We need you here with us. 

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