Friday, November 16, 2018

Making sense of what you already understand

newsprint sketch detail

I worked pretty full on in the studio Monday through Wednesday and took Thursday and Friday off to keep up with BREXIT news and because I was worn out. I needed a break. In those three days at work, I put paint on the surface of eighteen substrates; a mixture of newsprint, canvas, and some miniature canvas boards. I made pretty good progress on two larger pieces as well.

You can watch my Tuesday Studio Video Visit recap here if you missed it earlier and see more of what I got up to.

Here are a couple of studio snaps of the larger paintings I worked on.

Most of the studio sale pieces that I shipped to America are starting to arrive at their destinations and that is always a relief. If you missed my online studio sale, you can find it here. I will be creating some new small works for online holiday sales and open studios.

Don't forget that you can find my work at The Velvet Easel Gallery in Portobello, Edinburgh. Until next week, keep showing up for yourself and your truth. Keep fighting and don't let the bastards keep you down.

Thank you.
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