Friday, November 9, 2018

Active exploration

This week I decided that I have found myself in a residency of sorts in my own studio. My studio G23 has currently become an incubator. I spend my time in my windowless room, pacing the floor, reading snippets out of art books and watching video clips and interviews from other artists.

I rummage through my supplies and order a few depleted items. I scrawl across brown paper sacks with charcoal and oil pastel, I collage mixed papers onto small canvases, I layer paint onto larger ones.

I draw across dictionary pages, more papers, and another accidental portrait emerges.

I am firmly in between series and returning to my art practice. I am showing up and putting in the time, my hand is in active exploration as it crashes through the different mediums. My experiments are peppered with research and the gentle quelling of the questioning voices in my head.

Right on.

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  1. It’s an unsettling time between series. I’m so glad you are turning up and working all the same. I hope the next step comes to you soon!

    1. Thanks, Jan. Yes! I am trying to make peace with it and almost relish in the not knowing. This is not my natural way of being so it has been a bit of a challenge but showing up is better than not. It's funny but now that I live further away from my studio, I seem to spend even more time in it. I hope you are well. I need to catch up with your work, I've been out of the loop. Thanks for reading and commenting. x

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