Friday, March 12, 2021

A line is better out than in

I had a lovely birthday last Saturday and so I decided to continue the fun and take the past week off. As much as an artist takes a week off. It was more a timeout from walking and running. Perhaps taking off from the outside world just a bit. I still took a few gentle walks and did a bit of yoga. I attended an art collective meeting and had in-depth and meaningful conversations with other artists in my circle. I applied for a volunteer position, started a bit of art, posted some art to a buyer, promoted my work across social media, bought a bit of art, cheered some artists on, signed a petition for Universal Basic Income, and here I am writing my blog. 

This week I also cried and was angry over the fear and danger women face in the world. I will hold vigil tomorrow for women everywhere.

 I'd like to run through the forest and throw rocks. I'd like to smash and kick the air. 
I'd like to scream from my guts until it shakes the trees.

A line is better out than in...

That's all I have for you this week. Thanks as always to my patrons and supporters.

Take good care out there.

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