Friday, November 4, 2022

Cup full of can

Big painting stored for now - makes the door to the sink area feel almost festive

Well hello there! It's the first Friday in November. Can you believe it? 

My studio schedule for the past couple of weeks since the big painting has been a wee bit spotty. My cat Theo has needed some veterinary attention and he comes first (he's mostly fine) but I have been wanting to spend time with him as we begin medication for his condition. Anyway, this isn't a cat blog so I will get back to the painting aspect of life... 

I haven't painted anything in the studio since last week's "removable face" and that's a-ok. I have been exploring some other creative outlets. I have made a hair fascinator, a crown out of vintage lace, some homemade clay dough, a miniature paper cup, and some wee things from commercial air-dry clay. I have been practising my ukulele too. All will be revealed or it won't - I'm just having some fun. I especially enjoyed the wee teacup. I think it is actually magical. It taught me a lot - but that's my business. 

My wee cup full of "can"

I recorded my Tuesday Studio Video Visit and showed how I decided to temporarily store my big painting (as pictured above). If you missed the video on the socials you can see it again here.

I put the finishing touches on this month's 13-song playlist for my ko-fi supporters. Anyone who has supported me in the last 30 days for as little as £3 gets access. I really appreciate my regular and one-off supporters. Not only do you help with studio expenses and art materials but also with my daily life. Thanks! TIP HERE

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What can I do for you? What can I offer you? What do you need to feel better? What can I create for you? I'd surely try to help if I only knew. 

Until next week, keep fighting - don't let the bastards get you down and if you are in America - VOTE like the underdogs of the world depend on it. 

La La love you.

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