Friday, November 11, 2022

Divinations, Declarations, and Whispers OPENS TODAY!!

I am delighted to share news of my latest exhibition opening TODAY! Please join me for Divinations, Declarations, and Whispers. November 11- December 9, 2022. Featuring twenty-two portraits created this year in my studio at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is my first exhibition of portraiture in my 27 years of dedication to abstract painting and I am thrilled to share these works with my collectors and patrons all over the world in this accessible, digital format. All works are for sale with free international and local shipping included in the price. Join me throughout the next four weeks as we get to know these faces in all their mystery and splendour, together at a distance. Get a drink and some nibbles and click here to attend! 


Wobbly cheeks, eyes impatient and smudged, mouths quick and dirty - that's how I work - I don't have time to waste. Spirits come forward. Rude and rushed - poor and floating - they become one. Are they kings, queens, or something in between? What are they thinking? Do they know something we don't? 

We all like a face - even one we don't know and one we don't understand. These faces are often not of any particular race or gender, and some hold a different standard of beauty with their smeared eyes and mouths. Some are wrapped up in emotion, power, or curiosity. 

These portraits express the past eight years of my life in Scotland. Sharing fragments of self, various characters, feelings, and my thoughts captured in an impulsive charcoal line. This exhibition culminates in a personal expressive rebellion and showcases the faces that jumped to the front of the queue.

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