Friday, December 19, 2008

Inspirations: There is no end to this...

I was working on a 2008 wrap up post, but I got completely overwhelmed. So I decided to put that on the back burner for now. Sometimes people just want to know what inspires me and I have written several blogs about my inspirations in the past but it has been a while. So here goes... Enjoy...

My number one inspiration over everything is music. If you ask me what inspires my paintings, I am not going to give you another painter's name but the name of a band or a song. If you want to know what bands inspire me, just take a listen to my play list. I have music on all the time from the moment I wake up until I sleep, and sometimes I even sleep to it (mostly in the summer.) Music helps me day dream, tells me stories and makes my life much more exciting and beautiful.Music is my constant companion and friend.

Another major inspiration are the films I watch. I love all types of films but I really love the films of Wong Kar-wai. Such as Chunking Express, In the mood for love, and 2046. If you are not familiar with his films, I highly recommend them. Many of you know that I am also a huge fan of Hal Hartley. Favorites include, Surviving Desire, Henry Fool, and Book of Life. Here is a scene from Book of Life

Next, the books I read. I have been a sporadic reader in the past, but have read considerably more this past year. I have always been a huge fan of Armistead Maupin and have read everything of his. But I found myself in reading lull, I just couldn't find what I was looking for until about a year ago. It turns out I just didn't know where to look. Thanks to a good friend, now I do. The works of Huruki Murakami stir my mind up in the best way. Favorites include, Kafka on the Shore, After Dark, South of the Border West of the Sun, and Sputnik Sweet Heart. After the quake, is a good collection of his short stories to get you started. I also throughly enjoy the books of Douglas Coupland, my favorites so far of his being, The Gum Thief, Girlfriend in a Coma, and Hey Nostradamus. I am also inspired by the blogs that I read, please check my blog roll on the right, and explore some of those that I frequent, you won't be disappointed.

Now to art, you would expect that I am inspired by art and of course I am. Some of these people I admire for their art, others for their business sense or lust for life. Some favorites include:
Basquiat, Hirst, Warhol, Modigliani, Schiele, Rothko, Bacon, Munch, the list could go on and on. Photographers Mann, Woodman and I truly love the works of Robert Polidori in his book Zones of Exclusion: Pripyat and Chernobyl. These photographs are haunting, the colors are lovely and it is amazing to see these places returning to the earth after being abandoned due to the Chernobyl disaster. I highly recommended this book. I found it in my local library, perhaps it is in yours?

I am also inspired by the art that my friends and family produce. Artists in general inspire me, to be an artist is a labor of love and it takes courage. I admire all the artists that are quietly going for it or beating down doors to be seen and heard.

I hope I have turned you on to some new inspirations or that you have gotten to know me just a little bit better. I thank you for reading my blog and sharing some of your precious time with me. It means a lot to me and you all inspire me as well.

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  1. Great insight to your inspiration library :)
    Liked the Monkey Wrench post too - I kinda wondered, "Wot no blog" this
    I admire your dedication to your blog - its a valuable resource to us.

  2. Believe me it is my friends over seas I think of first with my blog (that is the reason I usually post it at midnight on thursday so it will be there when you wake up..) but I just couldn't do it this time....

    Thanks for being such a supportive regular reader and friend.

  3. My pleasure!
    BTW - things that inspire me - the landscape, trees, fields and hills, colours vs emotions, music and other artists and the way they capture their subject. I always listen to music when I paint and Peter Gabriel's last 3 albums seem to do it for me. Its hypnotic, earthy and emotive.
    I read a lot too, but its mostly thrillers which don't inspire my

  4. Great post. Off the immediate topic but it made me think of this website: which facinated me a few years ago (ok, quite a few). This woman travelled through the exclusion zone of Chernobyl on a motorbike and her account is facinating. I think she was there before a lot of the more recent, Western accounts. It is a really long series of web pages - you have to click 'next page' on the first page to get on with things - the pictures are haunting.

  5. Megan, I hear you about music being a constant companion me too. I love how music can be a emotional soundtrack to my life and how it speaks to me about things I'm not yet ready to say, or I don't fully realize yet.

    I always like your myspace bulletins with music and such :). I also just found Chemical Factory's blog through you. I'm a voracious reader so I think I'll keep in mind the books you mentioned too. Thanks for sharing.

    One more thing I think I could get lost in your new work it connected with me so much, even over the internet.

  6. Thank you Ashley for the link, I will look at it for sure. I have always been a bit obsessed with Chernobyl, and the places left behind. It is so haunting, but some place I am easily be absorbed by.

    Heather-I am so glad you have discovered the Chemical Factory, it is one of my favorite blogs.

    I am so glad to hear that my new works are connecting to you(even through the internet)that means the world to me.. that is what it is all about-connection and diving in.

  7. Megan,
    I love reading your blog and am inspired by your paintings as well. I'm also very inspired by music... and many of the same songs and bands on your playlist. Fugazi (especially Red Medicine) and Modest Mouse are at the top of my list.
    Other inspirations for my personal artwork are simply pretty things--like happy animals and kids, pretty landscapes--I just get caught up in how simple things can be so magnificant and pretty. Landscapes are sometimes fascinating, and on a deeper level, I love disonance--like the human psyche and when people say/act/do things incongruent with how they think/believe/feel.
    Thanks so much for sharing! I look forward to reading this every Friday!

  8. Brittany- I am so glad you have found my blog and are enjoying it! Gotta love Fugazi and Modest Mouse! And yes the human psyche is pretty inspiring, I love people and their crazy ways...
    Thanks for the comments!!

  9. Intrigued by the Chernobyl photo and the blog mentioned above by Ashley, I went to youtube. I found a really good documentary in 8 parts (9mins each) here's the link to part 1 I found it quite moving. I remember seeing it before on the tv, but watching it again was just as thought provoking.

  10. timl said...
    nice post i have been searching for that spark lately i spoke with my old mentor he said the same thing music listen to it loud and listen to the things that stir you up he also said as a joke take lots of drugs hmm naw
    the last couple of nights i have wanted to paint then i get up in the morning the day has something else planned for me but saturday paint is going to be laid down

    December 20, 2008 5:10 AM

    Megan Chapman said...

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I am always happy when you stop by.
    I understand looking for the elusive "spark"...The day always has something in store for us, and it is so easy to let the painting slide.. I hope you are able to paint Saturday as planned. It always feels so good once you get there- good luck and happy painting.

    i had to paint i painted till 5:00 am it got really cold but it was nice i have a group of painters i paint with every sunday its really a different vibe painting with other artist not sure how i feel about it i am always buzzing around the room chatting bu makes me paint that i nice i went on a woodblock printing run for a few months

    thank your post always get me moving

  11. Debs- Thanks for the link I will check it out..

    Tim- thank you again for visiting, "comment splicing"- everything you do...:) I am so happy that you painted until 5am- that is so great! I hope your group painting on Sunday goes well- I haven't painted in a group since school. I miss it a little. I miss the social aspects of it and trading information and inspiration.

    Tim, you inspired me a lot in 2008 and motivated me to promote my work on MySpace, you gave me that interview last December etc. You know as soon as I friended you there, I took a page out of your book!! Runs both ways my friend. Thank you.

  12. We have very similar inspirations Megan!

    You know music is a huge inspiration for me as well, and I love love love to watch movies.

    People always ask me who my favorite artists are, or who inspires my work, and honestly music is more of an inspiration for me than anything else.

    I love listening to lyrics in a song, and then taking that imagery and turning it into a painting...

    I found the Zones of Exclusion book a couple of years ago at a bookstore. I remember looking through it and thinking about how eerie the images are...but so beautiful.

    Anyway, great blog post! I always love to see what inspires other artists!

  13. Thanks for being a regular Michele!

    Music is an amazing force.
    Like you said, that book is so eerie, but so amazing- almost unbelievable, but the colors are incredible and you can feel the stillness and yet the rush from when the people had to leave. I could spend hours looking at that book.

  14. Well, I've been supplementaly sidetracked and forgetful of this side of the coin..
    It has been a year of good books and music, and you have an impressive list..
    Hopefully the following year will bring more all night coffee bars, girls who sleep forever, talking cats, maybe a 'glove pond' sequel? and be even more 'fun and interesting'
    good good.
    super. brilliant.

  15. Mr. Supervisor-

    Thank you for being a regular on all sides of the coin.


  16. Very thoughtful post. Inspirational to see others favs. I need to revisit my own... especially the music.

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Years to you and yours. I've missed reading your blog. ~mcdc3s/Maralena

  17. Maralena- Thanks for popping into visit. I wish you a happy holiday and new year as well. It is always good to hear that people enjoy or have missed my blog. Thanks for finding me this past year and reading! All the best.

    Happy Holidays to all my dear readers...