Friday, April 10, 2009

To a place I have missed...

There is a sensation that jolts my brain and makes the gears up there turn quickly and my heart beat faster. It comes from a spark, an urgency, a need to express something unnamed. It is the thrill I felt when I told my stories with my books in 1999 or spent hours in the darkroom that one semester. I have alluded to this feeling and time in previous posts, always as a past memory. This week I have been fortunate to feel it again in the present.

For the last few days I have been telling a story in photographs on blipfoto and each day a new image is created on the spot and this thrills me to no end. This has been a multi-leveled experience for me as I merge pieces of my past, my childhood and family with ideas from painting, films and spontaneous play. All of this coming together to take me somewhere I have never been. It feels like a warm current pulsing through my skin when I even think about this. I have been completely outside of myself, creating a new world and characters. The usual sensibilities of my usual brain have been safely thrown out. In this story I can be anyone or anything, I can assume a character, a place, a time period or even an idea. The people that view the story are very much included in this process as they bring their own back story and spontaneous ideas into the mix.

I am not a photographer and that in itself is wonderful and freeing.
I am simply going on adventure to a place I have missed.

Today I want to take you there as well...

The Ocean's Story...

Here's where the story ends...

And this is where it starts...

It is quiet like a library
let's just hide behind the stacks for a while
and see what happens...

In between days...

Sh... no words are needed now..
We just wait.
We now have the key to the outside
but are we willing to use it?


We used the key
We went outside
We found a house
and here we are
listening to sounds...


We found a bed
We slept for days
We grabbed our things in a hurry
We forgot the key...
and the music keeps playing.

We should not have looked back...

We kept running all night.
and here we are again
but a page has been turned
the flowers have wilted
and what is there in the coarse salt of the ocean?

but a tiny key...

all images © megan chapman 2009
click on images to view them larger


  1. Excellent!

    I also love your new blog layout - clean and fresh - ready for a new phase.

    Look forward to seeing more :)

  2. Beautiful work Megan.
    I'm glad that you are exploring photography. I think that this is a really wonderful medium for you.

    Something about these photos reminds me of the arcade fire. Especially their Funeral album.

    Really fantastic!

  3. Oh Megan! First of all the blog looks wonderful with it's light and airiness! I love it (and easy on the eyes, too!)

    Second, this photographic 'story' is drew me in and made me want to disappear to this magical world.

    You are an amazing talent!

  4. Thank you all very much!

    It was a fun story and I hated to see the project end. "But as one door closes another one opens..."
    Thanks for coming back and reading/commenting on my blog.
    I am already looking forward to writing this Friday's post!
    (I think it might be about social networking sites and how much is too much...)

  5. I look forward to reading your next post as it will be interesting to see what your thoughts are on social networking sites (if that's what Friday's post ends up being about.)
    The photo of you is truly beautiful as was last weeks. I always feel bit uncomfortable writing such comments for fear it will be taken the wrong way. This one has the feel of a studio portrait of a movie star of Hollywood's silent era.

  6. Kev-
    Thanks for the compliment. There is no wrong way that could be taken.
    I appreciate it. : )
    I am thinking this Friday's is really going to be on social networking sites, so please tune in. I hope you are well. -M.