Friday, May 22, 2009

Come as you are...

Dear Readers.

I am away this weekend, visiting Atlanta Georgia.
I hope to visit the High Museum, and the Marcia Wood Gallery as well as other things.I am looking forward to being away from my usual surroundings and around family. Congratulations to my niece Emily Annabelle Chapman on her high school graduation!!!

So this blog is up to you this week.
Tell me what you are working on
What shows you have coming up
What shows you are going to see
Something that has inspired you
A new concept for some art
Leave a link to your local museum, favorite gallery whatever you want that is art related.Use the comment section as a bulletin board and promote yourself.

To all my artist friends that are in the midst of preparing for exhibitions or in the middle of one, I say congratulations and good luck! I hope you are inspired and hopeful.

I am so glad your art is a part of this world.

Take care out there.


  1. I love Atlanta! If you get time, go by the Youngblood Gallery and check out their Skate or DIE show. 106 beautiful custom skateboard decks by 105 artists that kick my ass! But, yeah, I got a piece up in there. If you are there promoting and scouting, The YB is run by some lovely ladies that know what they're doing, maybe a good place for your work. Tell 'em I sent ya! Have fun Megan!

  2. Megan, have the BEST time in Georgia!!! I will be traveling there soon myself, my hubby would love to live where it's warmer, but i like being close to NYC!

    What i've been working on... just finished a huge triptych commission piece for a designer's client in FL. Been in the studio for 14+ hours a day and loving it- no joke! I look forward to sharing my latest creations with you as soon as they are photographed. The series is about the fragility of our world (Explored through mixed media: cracked scapes, featers, eggshells, cheesecloth and other materials- suspended cityscapes), how we view the past, present, future simontaneously in our minds (Contemporary with the ancient), exploring whether time is visible.... do we make it visible in our paintings? And the voyage to our destination- apon arrival there are choices to be made (Golden ladders symbolizing hope, multiple doors, grids, and labyrinths made of thick plaster). View Quantum Solstice on my website for a visual(If you have time), it is the very first piece of the collection.

    after finishing the collection (I have a couple more months ahead of me) i will be traveling to my favorite galleries in the US and the UK!

    Thank you for letting me share my art on your blog, I enjoy reading about your here every week and wish you much continued success!

    Cheers to ART!!!
    Amber Maida

    PS I look forward to hearing what you and your artist-friends/followers are up to! Wishing you all the best!

  3. Hey Megan!
    Hope you have fun, safe, travels!

    I also have work at Young Blood Gallery in atlanta!

    Just some prints, and some small paintings...stop in if you get a chance!

    Other than that I'm just getting settled in Portland. Lots of work...I'm feeling pretty exhausted right now. Oh well. It's so good to be home!

    Hope you're well and safe on your trip!

  4. I'm envious! Love Atlanta's art places. A friend send me your link and I'll definitely be back to read through your blog. Enjoyed your paintings on Etsy!

  5. I was in middle of exhibition, so didn't get chance to comment on here last week, but I'm glad we're all part of the same sphere... :))

  6. I'm putting together Volume 4 right now...

  7. Deeply belated thanks for the congrats. :)