Friday, May 29, 2009

images from the road.

I am back home from Atlanta and I had a wonderful trip. I am filled with inspiration and new ideas. Who knows if anything will come of these ideas, but they are nice to have and play with if only in my mind. Thanks to my readers that left comments last week. I really appreciated them and was so happy to see Matthew Lyman and Michele Maule's work at Youngblood gallery. I loved the gallery and went back twice during my week stay! Wonderful all around.

While in Atlanta, I saw great art and architecture and had some fun. I am pretty exhausted having just returned Wednesday night. I just want to post some of the images from my trip here for you all to enjoy.

I hope everyone is well and inspired.
Take care out there and keep fighting.


  1. So glad you had a nice deserved every minute :)
    Hope to see some those ideas on canvas, paper or clay bord soon :) x

  2. Glad you made it home safe, and so glad to hear you had a wonderful trip! Thanks so much for going and checking out The Young Blood Gallery!

  3. Lovely lovely lovely photos. Bet you'd do well hanging a few photos in your underground gallery. Selling big pieces is nice, but having smaller things around for people to pick up from $5 to $50 can help keep regular cash flowing in. Speaking of, I was in Fayetteville last week on a Thursday evening and wondered whether the underground gallery was something one could slip in and peek in windows or whether there are just certain regular hours only.

  4. Beautiful photographs, Megan, and love the way you've processed them; the dark, rich color palettes are like your wonderful paintings!

  5. I must confess I'm biased and not at all impartial, but if I may nevertheless still voice my opinion with respect to your photographs, to my subjective perception, sorry to be blunt, but I find them more engaging than your paintings, if I may be forgiven. Maybe I lack the necessary receptors for adequate appreciation of abstract, color-field work. So do not take my meaning as a judgement of any sort on them because, as I said, I really can't pass any. But your photographs decidedly resonate within the confines of my cranial walls. They're potent stuff. Please continue capturing the world by means of the camera lens. No need to be objective. That road with clouds above it is particularly special.