Friday, May 15, 2009

Inspiration at every turn...

I am really enjoying getting to know and working alongside my studio mates in the Fayetteville Underground. Things are really coming together, and it is wonderful thing to be a part of. Studio spaces are filling up! For more information about studios or submitting art for a potential exhibition in one of our galleries please visit the Fayetteville Underground's website, here.

Last night, I attended ArtAmiss X ; a one night only exhibition of local art, music, fashion, and fire; featuring many new and emerging artists. This event just keeps getting better and better. I had a wonderful time talking with many of the artists, enjoying the fashion show along with the projected images on the building outside, fire dancers, and just top notch visual art. Two Thursday nights in a row of excitement and wonderful art. I am very proud of my town for providing these consistent and quality art events.

Today, I want to share this short film by Jeff Desom. Music by Hauschka. A friend posted this to my facebook page and as I watched, I was moved to tears. I think it is a slice of genius. I am so inspired by all the ways people create these amazing new worlds for us to discover and explore through the arts.


Hauschka - Morgenrot from Jeff Desom on Vimeo.


  1. Very emotive piece of film...

    So glad the underground is going so well - I hear your excitement about it all - the belonging, the connecting, the buzz...


  2. It's such a small world. I just got an email from my friend Aggie who told me that you used to live in Lincoln Court!

    The surprise was that I have already been enjoying your blog and found it via Michelle Maule's blog.

    It's a small art world.

    Love your work.

    Janice from Eugene, painter and printmaker

  3. Janice!
    I know your name from Michele's blog as well. :)
    and you know Aggie too! Amazing small world indeed. I love Aggie, Toby and Maya and her fabulous cats.She is still taking care of some of my plants from 10 years ago(they are hers now) And I loved Lincoln court- and still miss it sometimes. I lived at 1048 Lincoln Court number 8 from 1993-99
    Thanks for popping by!Thank you! There is probably some of my art school art floating around Eugene still...I sold tons of it on the cheap at several yard sales before I moved. :)

  4. I am unequivocally blown away by that short video. Completely speechless, I can't even speak (nor type...)