Friday, March 23, 2012

Art, Sunshine, Flowers...

 daffodils and a castle © 2012 Megan Chapman

Hello Dear Readers!

Let's see, what happened this week... I made art! I made fifteen new works  to add to my From Across the Ocean series. These will be the final works in this series. I really enjoyed working yet again in my temporary kitchen work top studio in Stewart's flat.

You can see my most recent pieces listed on Etsy:

Also, I am very excited to unveil a simple site allowing viewers to see all forty-four works on paper from this series and note the progression and the story of my being here in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here is "From Across the Ocean" in its entirety. Click here. 

In other news, this week I saw the latest offerings at the Open Eye Gallery and re-visited the bright and brilliant works at Union Gallery. I also went to the Royal Scottish Academy to see their latest exhibition of recent graduates. It left me wanting more. 

It has been very exciting around here as Stewart's exhibition is getting closer and closer. It has been a thrill to see it all coming together from behind the scenes. It is going to be a wonderful exhibition. If you are reading this and are local to Edinburgh, please put it in your plans and come along!  

Other than the art, a few walks, art supply buying, art making, helping Stewart how and when I can and enjoying the start of spring and the daffodils at the base of the castle in the Princes street gardens, I guess that is all I have for you this week. 

Until next week, thank you all for your support of me and my work and following along and being apart of this adventure and as always, keep fighting!

Places to see my work currently:

In Edinburgh, Scotland:

From Across the Ocean
New Works by Megan Chapman
March 6th until the end of the month (Hurry! Not much time left!)
Embo, 29 Haddington Place
Leith Walk, Edinburgh
Mon–Fri 8am–4pm
Sat 9am–4.30pm.
Closed Sun.
Learn more by clicking here

In Arkansas:

I thought I would find you here
Megan Chapman and Stewart Bremner
March 1st – April 30th, Peterson Auditorium
Shewmaker Global Business Development Center
NorthWest Arkansas Community College.
Bentonville. Arkansas
Learn more by clicking here 

A Certain Trajectory
recent works by Megan Chapman
on rotation throughout the gallery
Blue Moon Gallery
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Learn more by clicking here

Online places to buy, view, and learn more about my work:
Etsy Shop

Donations are always appreciated especially while I am abroad. Buy me a cup of tea if you feel inclined, some art supplies, or a ticket to a cultural event. Any amount is helpful. I'll keep making art and sharing my adventures and travels with you. Thanks for your support!


  1. Really interesting line of work, Megan. I'm digging it. Thanks for sharing it with those of us back home.

  2. Thanks Christopher! Thanks for stopping by. :)