Friday, March 16, 2012

What a wild ride...

no longer a sanctuary, © 2012 Megan Chapman
 mixed media on paper 5x7", £40
currently on display at Embo

As you recall last Friday night, the opening for my exhibition, From Across the Ocean was held at Embo. I recall being a bit nervous and having some wine as soon as it was available. I know what openings are like in the States, but how would it be in Edinburgh, I wondered? People started filing into the small cosy space. They seemed dressed in dark colors as I would expect. I was also dressed in black. They were smiling and seemed happy to be there, to see the work and to meet me.

My opening was accidentally and yet aptly scheduled into the Blipfoto meta meet itinerary. Many Blippers from all over the world descended on Edinburgh the same weekend as my opening. It worked out so perfectly. I really enjoyed connecting with so many people that I have a distant, yet a very familiar, connection with. The exhibition was well received with even a sale on opening night! One more piece has sold since then from the framed group of works at Embo and a few similar works also sold during the week from my Etsy shop. I am grateful.

Unfortunately, the next day we got a call that Embo had been broken into later that night or early the next morning. The news just seemed impossible. The thieves had taken the cash register with £100 in petty cash and an employee's iPod, but other than that the place was untouched. We felt horrible of course, as I had been given this lovely opportunity and we had been trusted to lock up after the opening. That put a bit of a damper on the whole event and put us in a tailspin as we tried to figure out how we could make it right. Stewart and I both had quick sales in our Etsy shops and talked to the owners repeatedly about what we could do.

It turned out the employee's iPod was under warranty and she could get it replaced. The register was quite old and they were thinking about replacing it. It was a lesson learned for all of us and in the end worked out okay. This was an unpleasant experience but it wasn't the crisis it felt like when we first heard the news. I will choose to remember the smiles, faces and wonderful voices of all that attended my opening and again made this Arkansas girl feel welcomed into this city.

My exhibition is up until the end of the month. I hope those that haven't seen it yet will go check it out. I am so pleased with how the small works are mounted and float within the deep, white modern frames. There are ten framed pieces left and at just £40.00 they are a steal!

In other news, this week included a whirlwind visit with my friend Ashley. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband and three children. We have known each other since I was fifteen. She arrived this past Sunday for a four day visit and visit we did! We walked over thirty-two miles in the four days she was here. We saw and did a lot and I have documented this fact on Facebook and Blip, but I figure I should put it here too for my memory.
Visit with Ashley:
Sunday, meet on Waverly Bridge, Walk through city center to hotel, Calton Hill, Old Calton Cemetery, The High Street, Castle Esplanade, City Cafe (lunch), Old St. Paul's Church (for an art exhibition), Fruit market gallery (to share our distaste), Siam Thani (dinner), Barony Bar, Black Bull (loud heavy metal juke box fail), Cafe Royal (didn't stay- they were closing), Milnes (folks need to get a room and get dressed). Monday, Walked over to Stockbridge visited every Charity shop on the street that was open except one! Maxi's (for lunch), Saw the Gormley in the waters of Leith, Walked along the walkway under the Dean Bridge, Dean cemetery, Scottish Gallery of Modern Art (sculpture show), Barony Bar (CHIPS!), Then later to Stewart's for La Favorita Pizza and beer. Tuesday, High Street, St. Giles Cathedral, Victoria Street, bookstore, ran into fellow blipper!! (Such a thrill to run into someone here!) Red Door Gallery, Armstrongs, Book store, Pubic Triangle, Film House (lunch Curry), Herman Brown, Book Store, Jewelry store, Greyfriars Kirk, National Museum of Scotland (quick walk through), Old College, Spoon (for Cake and coffee), Charity shop, Princes St., Lush, Barony Bar (chips!- and the last hurrah!). Wednesday, Embo (see my exhibition, lunch, coffee), two Charity Shops on Leith walk, Walk, Walk, walk...Botanical Garden/Cafe/Glass House/Gift Shop, Walk...Hotel, Treacle, Hotel, Walk to Waverly Bridge Airport bus and say goodbye.
I saw some art and I saw more amazing buildings and I navigated the city and went into some new places and made some new discoveries and probably felt more at home here since I was more independent. This gothic wonderland is pretty manageable as long as you have a good pair of walking shoes and some cash. 
This lovely town © 2012 Megan Chapman
When I sat down, I intended to write a different blog. A blog about my thoughts and the reality of the situation I am in. The closer it gets for me to go home the more I think I like this place and the more up in the air I get about returning to Arkansas. Yet at the same time I am not sure about being in Edinburgh either. All choices will require a lot of work and there are no easy routes to take. I got myself here as an artist and I have covered my living expenses both here and back home all this while. This is no easy task. The money part of being an artist is never going to be easy and being a world traveler was never supposed to be part of the equation. However, I am grateful to have this problem. I am grateful for all the unknowns in my life at the present, because surely that must mean I am truly living.
Places to see my work currently:

In Edinburgh, Scotland:

From Across the Ocean
New Works by Megan Chapman
March 6th through the month
Embo, 29 Haddington Place
Leith Walk, Edinburgh
Mon–Fri 8am–4pm
Sat 9am–4.30pm.
Closed Sun.
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In Arkansas:

I thought I would find you here
Megan Chapman and Stewart Bremner
March 1st – April 30th, Peterson Auditorium
Shewmaker Global Business Development Center
NorthWest Arkansas Community College.
Bentonville. Arkansas
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A Certain Trajectory
recent works by Megan Chapman
on rotation throughout the gallery
Blue Moon Gallery
Hot Springs, Arkansas
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