Saturday, May 4, 2013

good and sad

My new studio, full of possibility

Dear Readers,

What a week. With great sadness I feel I must note that my dear sister in law Julie Leff passed away on Thursday morning after almost a year of dealing with bile duct cancer. This is my art blog and I know many of you didn't know Julie but as this journal reflects my life as well as my art in many ways I needed to mention it here. Julie has been part of my family since my early teen years, 27 some years and was a big part of my life. I am thinking of her constantly and of my brother Ben and their brilliant daughters, Emily and Elena. Julie supported my art and my project to come to Scotland. She was always curious and interested in what I was doing and celebrated many milestones in my life and art. I know she was happy and excited for me and my adventure in Scotland. I love you Julie. You will be so dearly missed.

I know Julie would be very excited about my next news and that is that this week, the day before she died I got the keys to my studio #5.23 at the arts complex. This was always a major goal and component of my project and without her support and encouragement it would not have happened.

Postcard for Through time and distance at Cross Street Arts in Greater Manchester, England
I am looking forward to finishing up my current body of work for the upcoming "Through time and distance" exhibition that opens May 17th at Cross Street Arts in England. The studio will be an ideal place to focus on my work with out distractions.

While I am painting in preparation for the show in England, there are also exciting things happening in Arkansas. Stewart Bremner and my work will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at Boswell- Mourot Fine Art in Little Rock Arkansas. If you are in Arkansas please make plans to attend the exhibition.

Post card for the upcoming exhibition at Boswell-Mourot Fine Art, Little Rock, Arkansas

Life is so strange, so messy, so wonderful, so sad and so tragic. However, good things keep on happening as well as the sad things and we keep on moving forward and living the best we can. I am grateful for all the gifts I have been given, the lessons I have learned and the inspiration that I find. Thank you for being part of it and letting me share it all with you. 

Until next week, you know what to do. Live this mostly beautiful life to the fullest and make a difference on this planet just like Julie did. 



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