Saturday, August 24, 2013

A lovely week...

Abbey Mount Centre on a sunny Saturday 


I hope you are well. Here's the weekly recap. A mix of art and life.

On Saturday I was back at the Abbey Mount Centre to open my exhibition for visitors from 2-4pm. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and we had a nice group of folks that stopped in to see the work. I was particularly pleased when a history teacher who had a particular interest in the Highland Clearances came in to view the show and have a chat. All in all, another good showing. I am so glad to be able to share the work. The exhibition continues on Saturday the 24th and 31st from 2-4 as well and I hope more people with check it out.

Just a reminder, that the group exhibition at the Arts Complex on London road remains up through the 31st of August and is open from 10-6 pm daily. Two paintings from the Ghosts series are there in Gallery 1 on the third floor. I am so pleased to have work in two exhibitions during Edinburgh's festival time.

In non art related news, well nothing is non art related in a way, since everything I do filters into my work. I have enjoyed being still (mostly) on holiday since my declaration. Here's what I have been up to in this beautiful city.

On Sunday, Stewart took me to The Filmhouse screening of The Crow Road based on Ian Bank's novel. It was lovely to spend four hours in a cinema. All the proceeds from the screening went to cancer research. Author, Ian Banks died from the same kind of cancer as my sister in law Julie. After the screening, which was great, we had dinner in the cafe and enjoyed the walk home. The first book Stewart read to me over skype was The Crow Road.

On Monday, we went to the Morningside area, where I had never been before. I had tea and we shared a scone at a nice place called Rocket and then wandered up and around charity shops, it was then I realized all I wanted was to hear the wind in the trees and get away from the city and the noise for a bit. That is how we managed to end up climbing up Blackford hill. We had a picnic in a secluded area and I got to listen to the trees and then we meandered up the hill to outstanding views and just the kind of tall yellow grass I like. It was so lovely.

Tuesday, we mostly took it easy and spent a little time in our favorite pub the Tourmalet making plans for the future. I am so happy we have discovered the Tourmalet, it like a dream pub and just so comfortable. We had a great chat with the bartendress about road trips. I always feel so at home there and of course the beer is great and they have ginger beer and crisps for Stewart.

On Wednesday, we got up early and got ourselves out to look at some art! Photographer, Man Ray and his impressive group of friends seduced me at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. What a great exhibition! We also stopped by the West End Craft Fair to see the work of Jenni Douglas of a Pair of Blue Eyes. Lovely as always. We had lunch in Princes Street Gardens and saw Kevin Low's great new exhibition at Union Gallery. Back in the afternoon, I later dove into the slippery word of genealogy.

Later in the evening while Stewart was out, I experienced and wrote this. "There is a band practicing on the corner in front of the rehearsal hall and their music filters through the air and up through the open window. I lean out (as you do with windows that have no screens) and I can see my favorite pub and it's warm welcoming glow down the street. The bin lorry's lights are flashing against the walls of the tenements. I smell the fried onions of someone's dinner and the band plays on as seagulls sing in the distance..."

Thursday, the Haar came to visit. Haar is the Scottish word for fog or sea mist that comes in and blankets the city. It was so beautiful, so we went to Holyrood park and up into the hills shrouded in the mist. It was spectacular, just when I thought I couldn't love this city more, I do. One of the most beautiful walks I have ever taken. Just breathtaking.

And that leaves today, which was another winner- after a productive morning of cleaning the flat and organizing receipts and papers, we had a fantastic night. We walked through the fringe madness to get our tickets at the box office for this evening's performance of "Whatever gets you through the night." Then we grabbed a take away curry from the Mosque Kitchen and ate it in the park. Afterwards we headed on over to the venue, The Queen's Hall and found our seats and were treated to a brilliant award winning theatre performance that combined stunning visuals, live music and great acting that made me laugh, cry and feel very much more aliveAfterwards we walked home through the city in the warm night air, stopping for ice cream and ended the night at the Tourmalet, where all is golden and where we were greeted by the smiling faces of our favorite bartendresses yet again.

Tomorrow, Saturday it is back to the Abbey Mount Centre to open the exhibition.  I am living each day to the fullest here and I am so grateful.


PS. Enjoy this video from the opening reception of "The ghosts of the past exposed."

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