Saturday, August 17, 2013



Last night was the opening of my ghosts of the past exposed exhibition at the Abbey Mount Centre in Edinburgh. It was a lovely evening full of smiling faces and delightful stories and conversations. It was an honor to share my work of the last 6 months with my lovely friends and patrons in Edinburgh.

The work fits the space well and I feel really good about the show. The opening was so very lovely and I am excited that I have the next three Saturdays the share the work as well. I love hearing the stories and memories and questions that this body of work seems to conjure up. If you are in Edinburgh and have not yet seen the work, please pop in and say hello!

I have to admit I am pretty exhausted from all the work I have done. I have created 20 full sized pieces for the exhibition. 23 smaller (but not that small) secondary works as part of the process (my patron reward project perk paintings) and then 39 small works for my Etsy shop, for a total of 82 one of a kind pieces of original art during my time here! I can't even imagine it- but it happened. 

I have decided that I am now (mostly) on holiday until it is time to leave on September 12th and return to the States. I still have my studio until the end of August and there are still a few more things I want to work on in the space and some project loose ends to tie up but for the most part I think I have done what I came here to do. 

All I want to do now is share the work I have created, enjoy the beauty of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas and visit with all my friends I have made here. 

I am grateful and thankful to everyone who has been part of this experience. 



PS. If you have been thinking of purchasing some of my new small works made in Scotland, now is the time! My Esty shop prices have never been lower and it is fun to get mail from Scotland. Be an art collector today!

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