Friday, August 9, 2013

Painting, Highlands, Deadlines! Oh my!

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What a week!

The week started with a very full-tilt painting session on Tuesday and then an overwhelmingly beautiful trip to the Highlands on Wednesday and again today I have been painting in the studio. Racing towards the deadline of my solo exhibition on August 15th at the Abbey Mount Centre in Edinburgh and I am still exhausted from the beautiful highlands and thanking my lucky stars for it all. I even sold 3 pieces on Etsy this week! Tremendous! I wish I had more to say and I probably do but I can't quite make my fingers do the work. Just know this...

I want to thank everyone who has bought my art and supported me over the years. It doesn't matter if it was a limited edition print, a small work on paper or a large painting in a gallery. If you bought my work, donated to my project or shared my art posts and encouraged your friends to support me or to get to know my work, just know that I am grateful. It is because of you that I am living this life, paying my bills, am able to eat and drink, travel and buy more supplies so I can continue. I don't make a lot of money but I have a full heart and I love to share it all with you.

By next Friday the opening for my solo exhibition will have been and gone! Yikes! How exciting... I hope it all comes together. I still have so much work to do. If you are reading this and are local to Edinburgh I hope you will come out and say hello! This exhibition will be the culmination of all my efforts. I can't wait to share all this work with you.

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