Friday, May 4, 2018

Step out into the light

Small work from my latest series
This week I worked on more small works in the studio, my 'communication techniques of the easily silenced' series.These small works were born between bursts of organising and meeting with artists and administration of the Drill Hall as we ready ourselves for our Open Studio event to held 9th of June from 11-5pm at 36 Dalmeny Street at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall. Put it in your diaries if you are in the area, we would love to see you there!

A small collection of new works.
Back to the art, these small canvases are layered with paint, paper, and more paint. They are a bit dirty, with the colours muddied a bit, just how I like things. With these small works, I allowed myself the pleasure of creating pieces that look like they could have been found mouldering away on the floor of an abandoned house in the sultry south. I would love to stage them in such surroundings.

I have been thinking more about what I love about the south, the wildness of it, the heavy air and the electric charge that comes with the change in the weather. I would say that all of my work since I have returned to Scotland from visiting Arkansas in December and January has been an atmospheric homage to where I am from. 

It's been a curious and exciting week, lessons were learned. Intuition is always something that I have relied on in my life. However, sometimes I still forget to heed it. All will be revealed in time. Keep listening to your intuition.

Jenny Saville, Propped, 1992 
Oil on canvas, 213.5x183cm. 
In other news, I took in some much-needed culture and stood before the impressive Jenny Saville paintings at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. They taught me a thing or two about space and commanding it while retaining our vulnerability and humanness. Saville's larger than life paintings of women are raw and unadulterated, personal, universal and moving. They were a treat for the senses, painterly visions of flesh and blood. I will be returning to spend time with these works again before they move on.

Francesca Woodman (1958-1981)
Self-deceit #6, Rome, 1978
As I rounded the corner from Saville's work and into the hall, I was delighted to discover five photos by Francesca Woodman  (one of my favourite photographers). These dark photos with their intimate scale and searching feminine voice were the perfect counterpoint. 

If you are in the area, I would not miss the exhibitions on now at the modern one and two.

Until next week, the world needs you and your art. We need to share ourselves and our visions so that others may see themselves and step out into the light.

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