Friday, April 27, 2018

Communication techniques of the easily silenced

this is my paradise

I worked most of this week in the studio helping to organize our Open Studio event (Saturday 9th of June 11-5pm). I have now been to parts of the Out of the Blue Drill Hall I had never seen until this week. I also finally met loads of folks that I have been working alongside for years. I cleaned my studio, filmed my Tuesday Studio Video Visit, and started twenty-three small paintings (but only nine actually got somewhere)!? I even worked on a couple of large ones too!

That's ridiculous and because of that, I am tired. The sun has been out a bit more too, making it hard to stay focussed and in my windowless studio.

Not to worry, this weekend I will have a chance to recover, regroup and start again on Monday. I think everything is going pretty well, I am just using my brain in different ways and talking to more people than usual and not working quite as much as I would like (except for those twenty-three wee paintings!).

There is some sort of hunger or reaching for something or waiting for something to happen and I can feel the tension of it. I'll just observe it for now. Perhaps it is some sort of longing. Spring is about to burst open and I want to be out there in the midst of it and not miss anything.

Communication techniques of the easily silenced
Small works in progress

I want to be warm.

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