Friday, January 6, 2023

2023: Ever Onwards

Happy New Year!!

Thanks to everyone who waded into my 2022 year-end review blog last week. If you read it last Friday you really deserve a gold star as that was before I went back and edited. I went over it the next morning and made some major edits for ease of reading and clarity so feel free to go back and give it another try if you struggled the first time. As always the practice of writing about the year is helpful to me and allows me to see and experience it differently than just walking through it and not looking back. 

So here we are six days into 2023. How are you feeling about it? It seems too soon to judge - it takes some time to shake off the festive period and of course, we are still in the middle of winter. I feel like hibernating a bit longer. I have been for some short walks. I have done a bit of yoga. I have listened to a lot of music and I have thought about what comes next and how I want it to feel and look. It still feels vague and hazy. 

I feel like I need to do this art thing differently. Sometimes I think I need to just give up and do something entirely different but I am pretty sure that's not the way forward. I think a combination of things will need to take place. I also just think it is a matter of time. Clarity doesn't happen just because a month, day, or year rolled over. So, I will take a few steps forward, I will try a few things and I will wait and observe and try again. That's pretty much how I have done it all these years and with a lot of help. Ever onwards.

In other news, I created January's playlist for my Ko-fi Supporters

This month's mix casts a wider net, a worldly and electronic palette/palate cleanser - encouraging us to dream bigger in 2023. Just thinking of all the music we get to listen to is a reason to celebrate!

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And that's all I have for you this week. Keep fighting, keep showing up and keep exploring this beautiful, confusing world. We need you here. 

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