Friday, January 20, 2023

Ready to walk out the door!

Looking for quality, vibrant art infused with mystery and you want it now? You're in luck! I've got a selection of five limited edition giclée prints that are ready to post! Usually, my prints are printed to order with an approximate one-week turnaround time, but these pieces below are ready to walk out the door!

A fine summer's day - limited edition print size A5

Alchemy- limited edition print size A3

Always wanting more - limited edition print size A3

Secrets by the sea - limited edition print size A5

You can't make them say the old familiar words - limited edition print size A3
Link to purchase:
PLEASE NOTE: The available copy of this print to walk out the door on the day it was ordered has sold! 
You can still place an order for this print but with a longer turnaround time. :) 

It's no secret that artists need to make a living, which is why I offer a selection of limited-edition prints. Not only will you be supporting me, but you'll also be getting a beautiful piece of art to hang in your home. 

Why purchase a print? For one, it's affordable. You don't have to spend thousands of pounds on a piece of art when you can get a high-quality print for a fraction of the price. Plus, prints are a great way to build your collection. By purchasing a print, you're directly contributing to an artist's livelihood and that money stays in the community. It's a win-win for all involved. 

I've been picky about which prints I offer and want to ensure they're of the highest quality. I chose to have them printed locally in Leith at Bare Brandinga self-funded, not-for-profit community interest company that functions in alignment with my values. The colours are vibrant, the details are sharp, and the paper is heavy-weight and archival. The edition size is just 50 for these particular prints, so they are sure to be collectable. 

For the above available prints,  I can pop any one of these (of the four still available) in the post on the same day you order - and send it first class.

And remember, as the popular internet meme says, "support living artists, the dead ones don't need it."  There are many prints and smaller works to choose from in my shop:

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Thanks again for being here with me. Until next week, keep fighting. 
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