Friday, October 6, 2023

Make sure that you are sure

Well, hell. 

I am tired. 

But I can feel the edge of inspiration in the sun and the wind. 

I came across some art I created a while back when I was cleaning up my computer files. It reminded me of something that I am probably missing. 

I am also listening to a song that pulled me towards something too. 

Something = painting and that particular restless energy tempting me to come back after too long away. 

And then of course I took myself out to see Stop Making Sense on Saturday which was invigorating, to say the least. (And a whole lot of something)

I also took myself out to a demonstration against funding cuts to the arts that ended with a coffee in a secret garden with a colleague/new friend.

Then I joined a renters union. So this week has been a bit intense. 

Culture. Social action. New friends. Important conversations. Work.

To balance all this out, I made "the good" vegetable soup, enjoyed a couple of breakfasts that included spinach and mushrooms and walked in different neighbourhoods. I also bought a Vogue magazine. A magazine! What a luxury in the days of screens - especially one that is filled with wearable art and such weirdness. 

The sun is shining. Soon, I will head to the studio for the weekly meeting of the studio mates there. We will see what ideas we can hatch. 

Take care until next week and keep fighting. The world needs you and the gifts you bring.

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