Friday, November 3, 2023

Finding Centre

Finding centre
Mixed Media on Paper
30 x 30 cm

The Dark Anchor (number one)
Mixed Media on Paper
30 x 30 cm

The wind is an ocean
Mixed Media on Paper
30 x 30 cm

Hello Dear Readers, 

There are now 21 pieces available in my special sale for Bicycles for Refugees. I am so thankful that 5 small works have sold in the £40-55 price range.

With the five small sales, we have been able to donate £95 to Bikes for Refugees to help rebuild a little of what was lost in their recent burglary. Thank you to my lovely patrons in Scotland, England, and the United States for your support.  

There are 9 pieces still available in this most affordable price (£40-55) range. There are 6 pieces available in the £175-195 price range with instalment/payment plans available. And finally, there are 6 pieces available in the £250-295 price range, also with payment plans available. 

These are all original pieces of art, not prints. They are all signed, dated, and titled on the back. All but 3 (see above works on paper) pieces are either mounted/matted and ready to pop into a standard 8x10" frame or professionally framed and ready to hang on the wall. Free shipping in the UK. For any other destinations, the buyer pays for shipping through a separate invoice. 

I want you to live with original art. I always offer a good portion of my work at these more affordable prices so that more folks have the opportunity to enjoy my original work. I have done this for over the past two decades and I have often used my art to raise funds for things I believe in and support. 

I know it has been tough all over coming out of/living through this extended pandemic, wars, political and economic uncertainty and the cost of living crisis. I know people are making hard choices right now. When you choose to support the arts and organisations such as Bikes for Refugees during times like these it highlights your values, your resilience, and your empathy.

Thank you

If you have any questions about the sale or pieces in the sale or perhaps even pieces not in the sale - just hit the message button next to any of the pieces and you can contact me. If you click the purchase button - it just sends me a notification that you are interested in purchasing the piece so that I can then send you an invoice and I can answer any questions then as well. 

Buying art doesn't need to be scary or awkward, it can be warm, easy, and meaningful. I am here to help with this. Until next week, stay warm and cosy - coorie in.

Link to my Special Sale. 40% donated to Bikes for Refugees: 

Donate to Bikes for Refugees Directly:

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