Friday, April 13, 2018

Keep showing up

I haven't had as many words available for my blog lately. Perhaps it's because of my Tuesday Studio Video Visits. Or that I have been using my words in my recently revamped mentoring practice. Perhaps, it's because it's the middle of April and it's still winter here in Edinburgh. Either way, I keep showing up here each Friday and manage a few words and share a few photos and I am glad of that. It's an important part of my practice. I am sure there will be more thoughts and ruminations on art and the bigger picture again soon (like when the sun comes out).

This week I started a new 80x80cm canvas, I also bought a couple of new paint colours to excite and partially bribe myself to get in my studio after a less than inspiring weekend. That worked for Monday but by Tuesday I needed a field trip and went to the Royal Botanic Gardens to spend some time in nature and the Victorian Glass houses for the warmth and a change of scenery. It was a beautiful way to spend an afternoon and a complete feast for the senses. I even filmed a quick two-part video visit from the gardens. You can see part 1 here and part 2 here if you missed it on my Facebook art page.

Paradise at the Botanics
Wednesday, I took another day off from the studio to recover from my garden sensory overload but by Thursday I was ready to get serious again and mostly finished the large 80x80cm canvas (see at top of post) I had started previously as well as three 20x20cm/8x8" wee canvases. I have to say I was very pleased with how the wee ones turned out (pictured below).

Wee abstracts

I think that's all I have for you on what's been a slightly off week for me personally. However even on this off week, I still painted and spent time in my studio, I saw beautiful things and was inspired and I showed up as best as I could for myself. It's all part of the creative process, the great ebb, and flow. Thanks for being part of my art world. Until next week, we need you and your work! Keep showing up!

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