Friday, April 6, 2018

Back to the place I enjoy and remember

My latest work from the studio
After my cold last week, this week saw me mostly back to work in the studio. Monday through Wednesday I was in active painting mode (see painting above) complete with the Tuesday Studio Video Visit. I didn't sleep too well on Wednesday night so by Thursday I just spent some time looking at my current work in the studio and attended the initial planning meeting for our upcoming Open Studios at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall (locals mark your calendars: Open Studios will be Saturday, the 9th of June from 11-5pm, more on this as it gets closer). 

By Thursday night I could tell I was feeling run down again, with a bit of a cough and a sore throat. Because of this, I spent most of today in bed, until it was time for an energising online mentoring appointment with a new artist client.

In other exciting news, I was contacted for an upcoming interview in the blog of a national (UK) art supply retailer. I am honoured and delighted to have been asked and will let you know all about it soon!

So while I am frustrated to be seemingly under the weather again so soon, it was still a rather productive week. I am feeling good about things; productive, spirited and in the zone. I am getting back to a place in my art world that I enjoy and remember. I am grateful.

Thanks for being part of it all. Until next week, please remember that the world needs you and your art.

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