Friday, April 15, 2022

I know where I have been

It was a good week. On Tuesday I spent 9 hours in my studio, moving, cleaning, and touching everything - making space. As I handled my materials and put my like objects with like objects, I remembered a little more about what I have dedicated my life to and what I value. I enjoyed my time in the studio - it felt good with new energy and purpose.

Box cutters, scissors, glue, twine, pastels, charcoal, brush after brush, paint, papers and canvas, work in progress, and finished works were all there on hold, patiently waiting for my return.

They issued statements, dedications, lamentations, and more importantly declarations.

I make things and experiences. I elicit feelings. I love it when you feel. Better you than me. Just kidding, feelings drip off me like honey. I have feelings to spare, have a spoonful. 

I posted a Tuesday Studio Video Visit after my marathon clean, if you haven't seen it yet, here it is again.

In other news, I also made time to pop by a friend's exhibition this week. Esther Donaldson was showing her brilliant portraits as part of a 3 woman show called, “Untraced Stories” at Dundas Street Gallery. I’m lucky I caught it just before it closed.
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I was too busy chatting with the artists and enjoying the exhibition to take photos, but here’s a photo of my newest acquisition - this wonderful portrait by Esther Donaldson. I have wanted one of her fabulous portraits for a while now, so I’m delighted!

Portrait by Esther Donaldson

Detail by Esther Donaldson

Besides all of this, there has been meditation, yoga, exercise, walks, other bits and pieces of work and all the self-care you can shake a stick at. I love the spring - the flowers, the fresh green, and the new beginnings.

This morning, I listened to this old song and danced.
Try it and then continue to fight the power. Joy is necessary!

Thank you for your support.

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