Friday, April 22, 2022

In the house you live

Outside the window

I am watching pink blossoms and their greenery dance in the breeze outside along the window sill. Theo, my cat, sits on the other side of the window stretched out on my desk while soaking up the sun. I am resting on the sofa across the room with a wee knee injury (nothing serious - just got a bit overzealous with my fitness last week). 

Earlier today, I had my third session of training in the Fair Work Rep series through the Scottish Artists Union. I am learning a lot in these sessions and really enjoying getting to know the other artists that are participating. I even dug out my union badge and have been wearing it with pride. 

If you are an artist in Scotland, please consider joining your union. We are stronger together and the benefits are immense. Become a member.

In other art-related news this week, the Abstractionistas took our exhibition down at Detour Espresso yesterday. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed "Awakenings" at Detour. It was a lovely and friendly venue and we enjoyed sharing our work with you. 

We have also been getting ready for our next exhibition as part of Inception at Dalkeith Palace. Signing our contracts, sending in our label information, and getting all our ducks in a row. 

I will have 6 larger pieces in the exhibition in the palace as well as 9 canvas smaller framed works and 9 small raw canvas mounted works in the pop-up shop space depending. Showcasing a range of my work to suit most budgets and tastes. I know Susan Wilson and Judith Shaylor and all the other brilliant artists and organisers are working hard to bring you the very best!

Get your tickets here:

After cleaning my studio up last week, I have also begun the process of moving some of my paintings and materials that had migrated to my home during the pandemic back to the studio. Hopefully, we will get my pal settled into the space for the start of May and maybe I will start painting again. 

Conversation at 3 a.m.
Mixed media on canvas 6x8.5"
© 2014 Megan Chapman 

This next bit is for those in Arkansas and specifically my hometown of Fayetteville. I am in the early stages of organising an online sale of some of my works that are actually all still there in Fayetteville looking for good homes. Stay tuned, locals! (the two pieces of art in the post are just two examples).

Royal Botanic Gardens

In other non-art related news, I have really been enjoying the spring in Edinburgh, the sunshine has been divine. The flowers are blooming like mad and the trees are just starting to leaf out. Such joy for this time of year to come around again. I made it a point to visit my favourite graveyard, the botanic gardens, and a favourite park this past week along with a few other choice walks and suntraps. I even walked through The Meadows blooming on the way to take down the show at Detour.

And here I am on the sofa with a sore knee, but I will be back amongst the flowers soon enough.

In the house you live
Mixed media on panel
© 2014 Megan Chapman

Dear Artists,

Stand up for yourselves. Stop working for free. Stop underselling your work and yourself. Challenge the way the art world functions and who it is set up to benefit. Set boundaries. Exposure doesn't pay the bills. We must support and encourage each other. We are in the same fight. We are not in competition. Share your secrets and let's reach our goals together as a unified front. Get organised. 

Don't forget to rest and to allow yourself time for joy. Remember what you wanted to express in the first place - you probably won't find it on Instagram but you might find it in your heart, your mind's eye, or in the pit of your stomach. Let it out. We can take it.


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Thank you!

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